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Classification 1 kcse questions

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1 a) What is meant by the term binomial nomenclature? (1mk)

Binomial nomenclature is a system of naming organisms by giving them two scientific names, the generic and the specific names.

b) Give two reasons why classification is important (2mks)

1.Classification systems improve our ability to explain relationships among things.
2.Classification helps in identifying living organisms into their correct groups for reference.
3.Classification helps in avoiding chaos and confusion when dealing with animals as it arranges the information on organisms in an orderly manner.
4.Classification brings together living organisms with similar characteristics together but separate those with different features.
5.Taxonomic systems provide relatively stable, unique, and unequivocal names for organisms.
6.It makes the study of such a wide variety of organisms easy.
7.It projects before us a good picture of all life forms at a glance.
8.It helps us understand the inter-relationship among different groups of organisms.
9.It serves as a base for the development of other biological sciences such as biogeography etc.
10.Various fields of applied biology such as agriculture, public health and environmental biology depend on classification of pests, disease vectors, pathogens and components of an ecosystem.

2. Explain the following terms; (3mks)

a) Classification

Classification – placing of animals and plants into group according to their similarities in structure, physiological processes and ancestry.

b) Taxonomy

Taxonomy - scientific study of classification.

c) Binomial nomenclature

Binomial nomenclature- system of naming using two names. The first part of the name represents the genus (generic name) while the second part refers to species or is the specific name.

3 a) State three characteristics of Monera that are not found in other kingdoms(3mks)

i)Nucleus not organized.
ii) Organelles not bound by membrane.
iii) Absence of mitochondria.

b) Name the class to which a termite belongs (1mk)

Class insecta

4. Ascaris lumbricoides is an example of an endoparasite. The name Ascaris refer to


5. Blackjack (Bidens pilosa) belongs to the family compositae. What does pilosa stand for?

Specific name

6. Define the term species. (1mk)

Species – A species is the smallest unit of individual organisms which has hereditary distinction from that of any other group and whose members naturally interbreed to produce fertile offspring

7. Distinguish between Taxonomy and taxon. (1mk)

Taxonomy is the scientific study of classification while taxon is each group of classification.
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