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Introduction to biology kcse questions

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1. Write three major differences between plants and animals.

Plants Animals
Most possess chlorophyll which gives them their green colour. Chlorophyll is very useful in the process of photosynthesis. They lack chlorophyll pigment hence feed on already manufactured food materials.
Their cells have cellulose cell walls. Their cells lack cellulose cell walls.
They respond slowly to changes in their environment. They respond quickly to changes in their environment.
Plants are immobile. Most animals move about in search of food,shelter and mates.
They lack specialized excretory organs. Have complex excretory organs.

2. List the use of the energy obtained from the process of respiration.

Growth of the organism.
Movement of the organism.
Maintenance of metabolic activities.

3. State three characteristic similar in plants and animals.

They grow.
They respire.
They have gaseous exchange.
They reproduce.
They excrete.
They respond to stimuli.
They have nutrition.

4. Motor vehicles move, use energy and produce carbon dioxide and water. Similar characteristics occur in living organisms yet motor vehicles are not classified as living. List other characteristics of living things that do NOT occur in motor vehicles.

They reproduce
They grow
They respond to stimuli
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