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Nutrition in Plants and Animals

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Test for starch in a leaf

The simple sugar formed during photosynthesis is converted into starch and stored in the leaves.

for starch in a leaf can be done through a simple procedure.

Materials and Apparatus required for this process include: Procedure for Testing for Starch

i. Boil water in a beaker.

ii. Detach one leaf from the potted plant.

iii. Dip the leaf in the boiling water for three minutes. This stops chemical activity/photosynthesis in the leaf.

iv. Remove the leaf from the hot water using forceps.

v. Put the leaf in the boiling tube containing methylated spirit and stand the tube in the beaker containing boiling water until all the green colour has been dissolved out of the leaf.

vi. Remove the leaf from the methylated spirit and dip it in warm water. This softens the leaf.

vii. Spread the leaf on the white tile.

viii. Add drops of iodine to cover the whole leaf.

ix. Record your observation.

Conclusion from starch test:

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