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The Cell

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Preparation and Observation of Temporary Slides of Plant Cells

To prepare temporary slides you need the following materials and apparatus:

Procedure for Preparation of Temporary Slides:

Follow the following procedure for preparation of temporary slides.

i. Cut the onion bulb vertically into two parts. This gives you a longitudinal section through the bulb.

ii. Separate a fleshy leaf from one of the parts

iii. Remove a thin piece of epidermis from this leaf using forceps. Place a drop of water on a clean slide and quickly spread the piece of epidermis onto the drop of water.

iv. Gently lower a clear cover slip onto the epidermis strip using a mounting needle to avoid trapping of air bubbles.

v. Observe this temporary slide under the low and then medium power objective lens of the microscope.

vi. Repeat the above procedure using another epidermal strip. Use a drop of dilute iodine solution instead of distilled water, to stain the cells, then observe under the microscope objective lens of the microscope.

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