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Introduction to Biology

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Importance of studying biology

The study of biology is very important. The knowledge acquired from this study can benefit an individual in myriad ways. The study of biology is important in that:

1.The knowledge acquired from the study of biology can be very helpful in solving environmental problems such as food shortage, poor health services, pollution and environmental degradation.

2.The study of biology can grant one an entry into various careers such as medicine, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, horticulture and dentistry.

3.The study of biology leads to development of scientific skills which are very useful in life. These include skills of observing, identifying, recording, classifying, measuring, analyzing and evaluating. These skills can enable one learn how to make right choices and lead an improved life.

4.Through the study of biology man learns the causes of animal, plant and human diseases and how best these diseases can be prevented and cured.

5.Biological knowledge acquired in the study of biology is very useful in enhancing international cooperation. Some biology related international conventions include:
•Joint development of HIV/AIDS vaccine by Kenyan and British scientists.
•The coordinated fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome involving scientists all over the world.
• The fight to save the ozone layer from depletion through various international agreements such as the Kyoto protocol.
•Management of resources through international treaties such as the CITES (Convention against International Trade on Endangered Species).

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