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Dental diseases and hygiene

Dental Diseases

a) Dental Carries

Caused by lack of hard food, too much sweet or sugary food, lack of calcium in diet, lack of vitamin D, lack of cleaning teeth and general ill-health. The bacteria in the mouth break down the sugars to form energy and organic acids. The acids corrode the enamel.

b) Periodontal Diseases

Caused by lack of vitamins A and C, lack of massage of the gums and imperfect cleaning of gums.

The gums become flabby and soft so they do not support the teeth. Common in adults than children.

Are of two types:

a) Gingivitis- Characterized by reddening of gums, bleeding and pus in the gums.

b) Pyorrhea- The teeth become loose due to infection of the fibres holding the teeth in the sockets.

Dental Hygiene

Proper teeth care requires:

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