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Collection of specimen

We have defined biology as the study of living things. For effective study, a biologist may have to collect some living things or some parts of living things for observation and analysis.The living things or parts of living things that are used for biological study are called specimens.

Biological studies always take place in laboratories.A laboratory is a building or a room that is designed and equipped for scientific studies.


Collections of living things especially animals may not be very easy.Some of the animals are not easy to catch while some are quite dangerous. Knowledge on proper specimen collection and handling of is very important.

We will discuss some of the apparatus used in specimen collection.

1. Sweep net:This is used for catching flying insects.

2.Fish net- This is used for trapping small fish and other small water animals.

Image:Fish net

3) Pooter- This is used for sucking small animals from rock surfaces or barks of trees.

4) Bait trap- This is used for attracting and trapping small animals including rats.

5.Pit fall trap-This is used for catching crawling animals.

6.Pair of forceps--This is an apparatus used for picking up small crawling animals e.g.stinging insects.

7.Specimen bottles--These are bottles used for keeping collected specimen. They are of different sizes depending on the size of the specimen being studied.

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