Form 1:
Introduction to Chemistry

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The role of chemistry in society

(i) Washing/cleaning with soap:

Washing/cleaning is a chemical process that involves interaction of water, soap and dirt so as to remove the dirt from a garment.

(ii) Understanding chemicals of life:

Living things grow, respire and feed. The formation and growth of cells involve chemical processes in living things using carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

(iii) Baking:

Adding baking powder to dough and then heating in an oven involves interactions that require understanding of chemistry.

(iv) Medicine:

Discovery, test, prescription and dosage of drugs to be used for medicinal purposes require advanced understanding of chemistry

(v) Fractional distillation of crude oil:

Crude oil is fractional distilled to useful portions like petrol, diesel, kerosene by applying chemistry.

(vi) Manufacture of synthetic compounds/substances:

Large amounts of plastics, glass, fertilizers, insecticides, soaps, cements, are manufactured worldwide. Advanced understanding of the chemical processes involved is a requirement.

(vii) Diagnosis/test for abnormal body functions:

If the body is not functioning normally, it is said to be sick/ill. Laboratory test are done to diagnose the illness/sickness.

The following career fields require Chemistry as one of subject areas of advanced/specialized study:

(i) Chemical engineering/Chemical engineer.
(ii) Veterinary medicine/Veterinary doctor.
(iii) Medicine/Medical doctor/Pharmacist/Nurse.
(iv) Beauty/Beautician.
(v) Teaching/Chemistry teacher.
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