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Water and H+ydrogen

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Water pollution

Water pollution takes place when undesirable substances are added into the water.

Sources of water pollution include:

(i)Industrial chemicals being disposed into water bodies like rivers, lakes and oceans.

(ii)Discharging untreated /raw sewage into water bodies.

(iii)Leaching of insecticides/herbicides form agricultural activities into water bodies.

(iv)Discharging non-biodegradable detergents after domestic and industrial use into water bodies.

(v)Petroleum oil spilling by ships and oil refineries

(vi)Toxic/poisonous gases from industries dissolving in rain.

(vii) Acidic gases from industries dissolving in rain to form acid rain

(viii) Discharging hot water into water bodies. This reduces the quantity of dissolved Oxygen in the water killing the aquatic fauna and flora. Water pollution can be reduced by:

(i) Reducing the use of agricultural fertilizers and chemicals in agricultural activities.

(ii) Use of biological control method instead of insecticides and herbicides

(iii) Using biodegradable detergents

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