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Classification of substances

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Miscibles /Liquid-liquid mixtures

To form water-ethanol and Kerosene-turpentine miscibles Procedure

(i)Measure 50cm3 of ethanol into 100cm3 beaker. Measure 50cm3 of water. Place the water into the beaker containing ethanol. Swirl for about one minute.

(ii)Measure 50cm3 of kerosene into 100cm3 beaker. Measure 50cm3 of turpentine oil. Place the turpentine oil into the beaker containing kerosene. Swirl for about one minute.


Two liquids do not form layers.

Ethanol and water form a uniform mixture.

Kerosene and turpentine oil form uniform mixture


Ethanol is miscible in Water.

Kerosene is miscible in turpentine oil.

Miscible mixture form uniform mixture. They do not form layers.

The particles of one liquid are smaller than the particles of the other. The smaller particles occupy the spaces between the bigger particles.

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