Form 1:
Air and Combustion

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Specific Objectives

By the end of the topic, the learner should be able to:

a) State the percentage composition of air by volume

b) Carry out simple experiments to show that oxygen is the active part of air

C) Determine the percentage of oxygen in air using suitable methods

d) Describe the composition of specified elements in air and oxygen and name the products

e) Explain how liquidified air can be seperated into its components by fractional distillation

f) Carry out experiments to investigate the conditions for rusting and state the composition for rusting

g) State the methods of preventing rusting

h) Prepare oxygen,investigate its properties and state its uses

i) Arrange some elements in order of their reactivity with oxygen using experimental data

j) Classify the products of burning elements in oxygen either as acidic or basic

k) State pollution effects due to burning of substances in air.

l) State the use of reactivity series

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